Overview about HierarchicalMap

HierarchicalMap is an interface. Through this interface, you can interact with a data structure containing hierarchically organized information.

This project provides a reference implementation of data structure accessible through HierarchicalMap interface and some other classes that can enhance the usage experience of HierarchicalMap.

Why use HierarchicalMap?

Traditional maps and lists support only one-dimensional information and lack support for the representation of hierarchically organized data. On the other hand, there are many cases where hierarchically organized data makes the information clearer and easier to handle.

HierarchicalMap interface aims to unify the simplicity of maps and lists to the complex data representation capability of more specific structures (e.g. mind maps), resulting in a data structure interface which can easily handle hierarchically organized information. Thus, nodes containing information are accessible by a simple path-like composite key, and also allow multiple elements to be referred to by single key.

Take a look at Tutorial to get more information regarding HierarchicalMap interface.

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