Class MapMail


public class MapMail
extends java.lang.Object

First version of email interface. Only supports smtp protocol. Use calling constructor passing HierarchicalMap containing the following nodes: - String containing smtp server host mail.smtp.auth - Authenticator used to authenticate (optional) mail.user - String containing username for smtp connection (optional and will be ignored if mail.smtp.auth is defined) mail.password - String containing password for smtp connection mail.encoding - String containing character encoding. Default is "UTF-8"


Constructor Summary
MapMail(HierarchicalMap param)
Method Summary
 void send(HierarchicalMap param)
          send an email using Javamail.
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Constructor Detail


public MapMail(HierarchicalMap param)
Method Detail


public void send(HierarchicalMap param)
send an email using Javamail. valid parameters node are: to - String containing valid email address for To cc - String containing valid email address for Cc bcc - Stringn containing valid email address for Bcc subject - String containing Subject content - String containing Content Type e.g. "text/plain" or "text/html" default content type is "text/plain; charset=[encoding]" message - String containing actual message to be sent

param - HierarchicalMap containing parameters