Class Script

  extended byorg.dhmp.util.stylesheet.Script
All Implemented Interfaces:
org.dhmp.util.stylesheet.Node, org.dhmp.util.stylesheet.StylesheetNode

public class Script
extends java.lang.Object
implements org.dhmp.util.stylesheet.StylesheetNode

Class that represents a parsed template. This class can generate an actual output filling the template with data contained in a HierarchicalMap.

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Method Summary
 void eval( os, HierarchicalMap data)
          Expand all the script's contents writing the result to output.
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Method Detail


public void eval( os,
                 HierarchicalMap data)
Expand all the script's contents writing the result to output.

Specified by:
eval in interface org.dhmp.util.stylesheet.StylesheetNode
os - output Writer where the result of script expansion is written
data - HierarchicalMap containing the data used during script expansion
Throws: - if an I/O error occurs when writing to ouput Writer